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Settlement Document

The May 9, 1997, Agreement

Text of the Agreement between [HG] Salome and the University. The settlement was reached in April 1997, while the grievances and the NLRB case were pending. It was signed by on behalf of the University by Joseph P. Mullinex, Vice President for Finance and Administration.


resolving [HG] Salome’s grievances and unfair labor practice charge against Yale University
-- May 9, 1997 --

(National Labor Relations Board Case No. 34-CA-7529)

1. The suspension and termination will be cleared from [Salome]’s record.

2. The following statement will be distributed to faculty and staff designated by [Salome]. Photocopies of the distributed statement will be forwarded to [Salome].

“[HG] Salome and the University have reached an agreement that includes clearing her suspension and termination from her record. It has also been agreed that the recipients of this statement are not to refer to the suspension or termination or to discredit [Salome]’s past work or conduct in any communications, written or verbal, within or outside the University.

“In addition to clearing [Salome]’s record, the agreement includes a financial settlement and makes provision for her early retirement from Yale.

“It has also been agreed that any requests for references or information regarding [Salome] or her work should be routed to Professor James C. Scott, Professor John M. Merriman, or Ms. M. Kay Mansfield, exclusively.”

3. Yale will promptly reinstate [Salome]’s one person insurance coverage on the Yale Health Plan, reimburse her for all COBRA payments she has made, and continue that insurance coverage until she reaches age 55. From age 55 forward, her benefits will continue in accord with the Labor Agreement.

4. [Salome] will be bridged to early retirement, meaning that effective at age 55, she will receive a pension benefit based on an annual salary of $18,958 and the seniority that she would have accrued as of her fifty-fifth birthday, including credits for unused sick leave.

5. [Salome] will be paid $12,000 for unpaid hours worked and back pay.

6. [Salome] will withdraw her grievances and unfair labor practice charge.

7. Ms. Salome agrees to execute the attached general release.

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