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Gag order: Culprits and Chronology

The June 21st “gag order” was a conspicuous testament to the protracted acts of discrimination against me in violation of my rights, as a member of the Yale community, to freedom of expression. Documentary evidence proves that those faculty and University officers responsible for issuing the order and enforcing it included Foltz, McCord, and G. Smith; those University officers who were informed of the gag order and my suspension included President Levin, then Provost Rodin, and Dean Applequist.

A PDF scan of the gag order letter was included as Exhibit-8 in the NLRB charge (opens in a new window).

A condensed chronology of relevant events and documents of 1993 follows:

17 May

Agreement between Foltz (for the University) and Meyerson (for the Union) concerning my job for WES and LAS

26 May

Memo from me to WES council members informing them of the likely loss of the $90,000 per year in FLAS fellowship; copies to Dean Levin, Assoc. Dean Moore, Provost Rodin, and Assoc. Provost McCord [memo dated 26 April, evidently incorrectly]

26 May

Letter from me to Dean Levin, as a cover letter to the memo to WES council members, explaining how the reduction in staffing and funding of WES would not allow the Council to apply again for FLAS fellowships [misktakenly dated 26 April]

28 May

McCord forwarded to Foltz, at YCIAS, a copy of my 26 May memo to council members with notation, “BC Bill As per request AMcC”

3 June

Letter from Dean Levin responding to my 26 May advisory

21 June

Gag order from Foltz to me, with copy to McCord (among others)

16 Aug

Mailed WES 92-93 annual report to some University officers, including President Levin, with note from me

7 Sept

Letter from Levin, in response to my 16 August note

20 Oct

A copy of my 16 Aug note to Levin and his 7 Sept response to me, faxed from International Security Studies (presumably by A. Carter-Drier?) to YCIAS

22 Oct

Merriman, in a long letter to G. Smith about area studies, denounced the gag order and sent copies of it to President Levin and Provost Rodin

28 Oct

I was suspended by YCIAS for 2-1/4 days for “violating” the gag order

29 Oct

Parker independently informed President Levin, Provost Rodin, and Dean Applequist of the gag order and my suspension because of it

4 Nov

Disciplined by YCIAS with a “Written Warning,” which quoted the second paragraph of my 16 Aug note to Levin

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