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Hearings Avoided and Denied

Futile attempts to clarify contradictions about financial accounting responsibilities

I made repeated attempts during fall term 1995 to clear up contradictions and misunderstandings about financial accounting responsibilities for my department. All my efforts were futile: the YCIAS never allowed me to discuss the contradictions.

Some of my requests for clarification regarding the financial accounting contradictions — all verifiable by witnesses or documents — are listed below:

25 July

Email to Kimbro, asking for her understanding of accounting procedures for Kempf grants

29 Aug

Request to Jackson, in person, for a short meeting with G. Smith and whomever else from YCIAS to clear up responsibilities for and correct the existing irregularities in accounting for Council funds, particularly the NEH grant

30 Aug

Plea to Joseph, by phone, for a meeting among him and/or Jackson, myself, and YCIAS to clear up accounting procedures — especially for the NEH grant — after finding Jackson’s note dismissing my request of the previous day for such a meeting

12 Oct

Email to Kimbro, suggesting a meeting to clear up our lack of "common understanding of responsibilities" for the Kempf Fund grants

8 Nov

Written note to Kimbro, suggesting a short meeting of relevant parties if she thought there was any misunderstanding about accounting procedures

10 Nov

Request to Kimbro, in person (despite her verbal abuse), for a meeting — to include my chairmen — to clear up our evident misunderstandings over responsibilities and procedures

15 Nov

To Kimbro, in person, a futile attempt to break through her verbal abuse (before she turned her back and stomped off), to discuss with her the necessity of our meeting with my chairmen to clear up the misunderstandings about accounting responsibilities

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