a tale of working at yale

Work Required Exceeded Time Paid

Some of the occasions on which I informed my supervisors, the University, or the Union that the working hours necessary to perform the work required of me by my department exceeded my paid time:

16 May

Told Cullen of the problem (at the close of a meeting about my job audit) and gave her a copy of the 4-page spreadsheet titled “Council on Latin American Studies — Allocation of Time and Tasks”

18 May

Discussed the problem with Cullen (during her interview for the re-audit of my job)


Talked with Joseph about the problem and gave him a copy of my “Allocation of Time and Tasks” spreadsheet

19 Sept

Discussed the problem with L. Smith (Local 34), and showed her my “Allocation of Time and Tasks” spreadsheet [L. Smith warned me strongly not to continue working without pay.]

19 Sept

Discussed the problem with Jackson [Jackson instructed me not to work beyond paid time and stated that the department would have to make other arrangements if more work is necessary.]

26 Oct

Mentioned the problem to Jackson again at a meeting with him and my staff, and gave Jackson a copy of my “Allocation of Time and Tasks” spreadsheet

4 Nov

By email, reminded Jackson of the continuing problem of too much work for the time available, and referred him to the “Allocation of Time and Tasks” spreadsheet [Jackson directly forwarded my note to YCIAS director G. Smith, though I did not learn this until months after I had been fired.]

6 Nov

(at 12:29 am), by email and fax, gave Jackson a more detailed allocation of estimated time required for me to complete work actually anticipated for the ensuing 2 months, through the end of the fall term

21 Nov

As agreed to at a meeting among Kimbro, L. Smith, and me, I gave Jackson another copy of the more detailed 2-month estimate of time required for anticipated work through the end of term

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