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Settlement Document: The Memo

The Memorandum to Perpetrators

Text of the memorandum from the University to designated faculty and administrators (aka, the “perpetrators and rumor spreaders”), as stipulated in the May 9, 1997, settlement. The memorandum was signed by Brian J. Tunney, Director of Labor Relations, on behalf of the University


May 9, 1997


Professor Gaddis Smith (History, YCIAS)
Professor Gaddis Smith (History, YCIAS)
Professor William J. Foltz (Political Science, YCIAS)
Nancy L. Ruther (YCIAS)
Beverly Kimbro (YCIAS)
Susan Lichten (YCIAS, retired)
Kathleen A. Rossetti (YCIAS)
Ann Carter-Drier (International Security Studies, YCIAS)
Associate Provost Arline McCord (Office of the Provost)
Raymond E. Novak (Office of the Provost)
Professor K. David Jackson (Spanish & Portuguese, Latin American Studies)
Professor William L. Lichten (Physics, Engineering & Applied Science)
Associate Professor (Adjunct) Patricia Pessar (American Studies)
Professor Ian Shapiro (Political Science)


Brian J. Tunney


[HG] Salome v. Yale University

[HG] Salome and the University have reached an agreement that includes clearing her suspension and termination from her record. It has also been agreed that the recipients of this statement are not to refer to the suspension or termination or to discredit [Salome]’s past work or conduct in any communications, written or verbal, within or outside the University.

In addition to clearing [Salome]’s record, the agreement includes a financial settlement and makes provision for her early retirement from Yale.

It has also been agreed that any requests for references or information regarding [Salome] or her work should be routed to Professor James C. Scott, Professor John M. Merriman, or Ms. M. Kay Mansfield, exclusively.


J.C. Scott
J.M. Merriman
M.K. Mansfield

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